There are many stories about hotels and hostels in Valencia, but none like the one that happened at this Hostel.

In the mid 20th century a young guy called Charlie stayed in this hostel, due to good quality service and value. When he arrived there was a young Italian receptionist in the hall. She was asleep on her knees but as soon as she heard John’s steps, she woke up immediately. Charlie asked for a room, but a single one just for him as he didn’t want to share. The nice receptionist told him that there was just one single room but warned him about it, because no customer wanted this room. A foreigner called John committed suicide in this room years ago.

A slight smile grew on Charlie’s face. He didn’t pay attention to the receptionist´s warning. He asked for John’s room and at nightfall in Valencia, Charlie exhausted fell asleep. When he was sleeping deeply, somebody whispered “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…”. He got up and looked around searching for somebody but he didn’t see anyone. He fell asleep again and after 15 minutes again the same voice but deeper; “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…”. He got up frightened and went to the bathroom, suddenly he saw the face of a young man in the mirror. He turned around and asked the guy who he was and what he was doing in his room. The guy replied “I am John”. The face of Charlie became pale, as John continued talking; “this is my room, what are you doing here?”.

Charlie couldn’t say a word, his lips were paralyzed due to terror. John said “you were rude to me, you should not have stayed in this room and for that you will die”. Charlie could not react and John holding a knife moved closer to Charlie. Charlie only had two options: let John kill him or jumpthrough the window, hoping to survive. Without thinking, as a survival instinct he jumped and fell in front of the Hostel entrance. All his bones were broken and he knew he had just a few minutes left. From the floor he saw through the window John smiling but little by little his figure disappeared in the dark.

Moral of the story: do not sleep alone and if your room mate is called John change the room.

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