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Looking for a hostel for groups in Valencia?

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Are you a group looking for a cheap hostel for groups in Valencia?

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Valencia City and you are at least 10 people come to Home Hostels Valencia, two hostels located in Valencia City Centre.

All groups are welcomed to Home Hostels Valencia!!!

Both hostels can accommodate 180 people… Do you have so many friends?

Besides being an accommodation centrally located and very cheap, we can offer breakfast, picnic, lunch, dinner, walking tours, bike rental, paella lessons, and a lot of

What are you waiting for? Contact us and we will give you the best budget for your friends’ group!!*

We guarantee the lowest price in the city!!!!

* Offer subject to group size, dates, and availability, we will make the best budget according to your needs.
* The total amount must be paid before arrival

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Hostel for groups in Valencia