Silk Market cheap hostel Valencia city centre

“Lonja de la seda” is an old Silk Market in the middle age. It is placed in the middle of the Valencian old town, next to Home Hostels Valencia and it’s a masterpiece of gothic architecture. Historians, artists and any Valencian you ask will consider “la Lonja de la Seda” as the most beautiful gothic building all over Spain. Even UNESCO declared this unique building a world heritage. Therefore if you want to know the real history of Valencia you must visit the silk market.

Neither a castle nor a church, but an old commerce place

The old Silk Market represents a mystery. Its appearance leads to confusion. Looking at the huge tower some people would think about a castle. Other people, having a closer look at the decorated main door, the windows, the columns, and the wide space would consider it a church. But surprisingly it’s not a castle or a church; it is an old market for silk exchange.

A heritage of the Valencian “Gold century”

“La Lonja” shows with elegance and purity the splendor of medieval Valencia. Built in the 15th century, it was the place where the silk traders met to make business, fix the prices, and close deals. The “Golden century” was a time Valencia’s economy was growing a lot and its port was the silk trade connection throughout the Mediterranean Sea. The prosperity of commerce was important for the upcoming Valencian bourgeoisie who aimed to create a city according to their social status.

The large columnar hall is the main space, and it is just telling about the social prestige and the economic ostentation. This hall represents with its eight columns the most fascinating and genuine image of Valencia. Those impressive pillars are bent on themselves and reach the roof which seems to be unreachable.

The “Lonja de la Seda” it’s for sure the most beautiful heritage of the Valencian “Golden Age”.

The hostel next to “Lonja de la Seda” (Silk Market) in Valencia

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The view from the balconies of the Youth Hostel is priceless. The high proximity of both buildings allows you to contemplate closely the elaborate ornamentation of Gothic architecture, and as well the gargoyles of the roof seem to be so close that you could reach and touch them.

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