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The Hemisfèric of the City of Arts and Sciences offers 18 and 25 August last sessions of the “Nocturnas”, the Planetarium Live that reveals visitors the secrets of the summer  stars.

Due to the amazing versatility of the digital Planetarium, audiences will be able to observe the sky and learn about some of the best known stars in the summer sky, together with the planets of our solar system. This journey of exploration with musical accompaniment, is narrated live by an expert astronomer.

August sessions will begin at 10pm. Ticket price: 7.70 Euros. Only in Spanish. Within the projection hall of the Hemisfèric, viewers learn to identify some of the most important stars on the summer sky, listen to their amazing legends, and travel way beyond the ends of our galaxy.

The City of Arts and Sciences in not far from Home Hostels Valencia, you can take bus 26 or go by taxi, ask in the hall of the hostel in Valencia.

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