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Valencia is one of the principal university towns in Spain. The numbers speak for themselves: its university community exceeds 100.000 students who are studying at 4 different universities: the “Universitat de Valencia” and the “Universidad Politécnica” (UPV), both with government funding, and the “Universidad Cardenal Herrera” (CEU) and the “Universidad Católica”, both religious and of private funding.

Valencia also is eye-catching because it’s one of the cities that welcomes most foreign students coming with the Erasmus grant. The “Universitat de Valencia” with more than 1.700 students being on a grant is the second academic centre welcoming students Erasmus at European standard; the “Universitat Politécnica” occupies the sixth position with 1.500.

The “Universitat de Valencia”, founded in 1499, is one of the most prestigious and oldest ones in Spain. Its academic offering is extensive, it almost occupies all areas, both in the human sector and the scientific sector. The main campus is in the surroundings of the avenue “Blasco Ibañez”, halfway between the historical city centre and the beach area.

The “Universidad Politécnica” (UPV) is the other public university in Valencia which acts as an expansion of the academic offering of the public sector. The UPV is one of the most important European universities in the scientific sector, focused on technical and scientific qualifications. Its main campus is in the extreme north of the city, pretty close to the beaches.

The “Universidad Católica de Valencia” (UCV) is an academic centre of private funding, conducted by the archbishopric of Valencia. The UCV, with outstanding qualifications in the science of health and medicine,  is divided into eight faculties where 23 titles of degrees and 36 titles of postgraduate can be studied. The main seats are spread over the city of Valencia, the majority in the historical city centre.

The “Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera” is also a private funding and religious academic centre which was founded just a decade ago. It is divided into 4 different faculties and a technical college. The main campus is in the surroundings of Valencia, in the municipality of Moncada, where one can get to by metro: line 1, about half an hour from the city centre.

The Erasmus life in Valencia

Spain is the favourite destination for Erasmus students. The Spanish universities welcomed almost 40.000 Erasmus students in the previous academic year, more than 3.000 of them studied at one of the faculties of Valencia.

Valencia is a city that attracts students from other European countries because of two principal reasons: its warm climate, cloudless sky and sunshine almost the whole year and the fact that Valencia is at the Mediterranean sea and therefore has excellent beaches.

Moreover, Valencia results very attractively due to the historical city centre, the intense night and cultural life and the affordable cost of living.

All universities of Valencia have an international relations office for its foreign Erasmus students. There’s also a web service for foreign students, available on the following internet pages:

Universidad de Valencia:

Erasmus Information for UV

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia:

Erasmus Information for UPV

Universidad Católica de Valencia, San Vicente Mártir:

Erasmus Information for UCV

CEU- Universidad Cardenal Herrera:


Two hostels in Valencia

Hôme has two hostels in Valencia, both located in the historical city centre. Hôme Youth Hostel and Hôme Backpackers can presume to have an enviable localization, ideal for those who want to start getting to know the city and enjoy the beauty, vitality and riches of its historic city centre.

Both accomodations, the Hôme Youth Hostel as well as the Home Backpackers permit their guests to explore the city centre comfortably and without the necessity to use public transport. The city centre is one of the favourite city areas of the Erasmus students to live in due to the attraction of the streets and places, its exciting culture and nightlife and because the price of the rented flats is pretty affordable.

Youth Hostel and Backpackers are two cheap hostels with charm and a brilliant localization in the historical city centre. There are a lot of things to do and to get to know in Valencia.

Don’t hesitate, come and discover the light and charm of Valencia, get lost in the pictorial old city centre, taste the spanish food and traditions and take a bath in the Mediterranean Sea.

If you have planned to come as an Erasmus student and you’re looking for economic accomodation in the city centre where you can sleep while you’re looking for a flat, Hôme Youth Hostel and Hôme Backpackers are the best option for you. With the help of the hostel staff, you will have a good start in your Erasmus time.