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Hostel for Fallas in Valencia

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Looking for a place to stay during Fallas – Hostels for Fallas?

At Home Hostels Valencia we have got two hostels located in the heart of the Fallas festival activities.

We offer you two low-priced hostels so you can come and enjoy Fallas. There is no better place to stay since we are located in the heart of the Fallas festival events.

Our hostels are at walking distance from the Mascletá in the Plaza del Ayutamiento (Main Square), the Ofrenda in the Plaza de la Virgen and the fireworks in the Turia. You can also visit the monuments of the most famous fallers.

Fallas is the most important and best fire party in the City of Valencia. Fallas is one of the best Spanish Festival of Fire that’s why it is not easy to find a good and cheap Hostel in Fallas. Hostels in Valencia downtown and the surrounding areas sell out many months before the Fallas so we suggest you book your Valencia Hostel for Fallas well in advance.

At Home Hostels in Valencia we offer you two very good hostels located in the City Centre of Valencia, just next to Fallas:

Home Youth Hostel Valencia: rooms for 2,  3 or 4 persons. The first hostel in Valencia without bunk beds just in the Old centre of the City

Home Backpackers Hostel: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 bunk bed dorms. Big, cheap, clean, sunny and colourful rooms.

Fallas starts on 15th March until 19th March when you can enjoy great fireworks, mascletás (daylight fireworks) and Ofrenda. It is an incredible Fireworks and colourful Festival that you cannot miss if you are staying in Home Hostel in Valencia.

Fallas are made of wood, cardboard and paper maché statues or figures called ninots some of them are of huge size that burn on the last day of Fallas creating a fire and fireworks atmosphere very surprising and beautiful. Every neighbourhood committee, the casal faller, raises the necessary finances for constructing the ninots.

The most important Casals and Fallas are placed in the old town of Valencia just next to Home Hostels Valencia.

Fallas are a unique experience full of sound, colour and happiness that you have to see at least once in your life. Fallas make the city look like burning and are full of fireworks all day, firecrackers, parades, a lot of people in the streets, colourful lights all around the city, paella contests and beauty shows.

If you are looking for the best and oldest Hostel in Valencia to stay in Fallas do not miss the chance to come to Home Hostels: Home Youth Hostel Valencia and Home Backpackers Hostel placed in the old city centre where the most important events of Fallas take place.

At Home Hostels you will find comfortable, low cost and clean hostels with an easy-going and party atmosphere.

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