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Hemisferic was the first building in the City of Arts and Sciences to open its doors to the public. The amazing building was inaugurated in 1998 and has an ovoid roof over 100 metres long and a large sphere hosting a 3D cinema.

Hemisferic is an amazing building designed by Santiago Calatrava representing a huge human eye, the eye of wisdom. This symbolises the observation of the world that visitors discover through surprising audiovisual projections.

The building has a 100 metres long ovoidal roof within a large sphere that houses the projection hall. The huge lake 24,000 metres square surrounds this structure to create an extremely beautiful structure.

This is one of the largest hall in Europe with three systems projecting onto a 900 square metres concave screen:

– Large-format cinema, IMAX Dome
– Digital 3D screen measures: 12 x 6 meters
– Digital projections

Hemisferic is made up of a hall, the projection hall, and the Perimeter Ring.

In the hall there are the main services open to public (ticket offices, cafeteria, shop, information desk, booking counter, etc.); and also a central space for temporary exhibitions.

The projection hall has a capacity of 300 people and a concave screen with a 900 square metres surface area and a 24 metres diameter.

The inner area hosts the “Carl Sagan” Perimeter Ring which was named in honour of the American communicator. This space is used for holding all kind of events. It is an oval area that surrounds the dome of the projection hall and covered by the large roof of the building. A 24,000 square metres pond surrounds the whole structure.

Hemisferic Services


In L’Hemisfèric shop, there are products related to the themes covered in the films currently shown and to planets, galaxies and astronomy in general.


It has a cafeteria open everyday from 10:00h. Furthermore there is a restaurant that can hold up to 100 persons, with a huge selection in set menu.

Reservations: 961.974.649


Home Hostels is close to the City of Arts and Sciences and Hemisferic, you can go walking, by taxi or take a bus from the Hostel in Valencia to the City of Arts and Sciences, for more information click here  or ask in the Home Hostel Hall.


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