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fallas 2012 hostel valencia

Fallas 2012 in Valencia are held between 15 and 19th March. Almost 400 Fallas monuments of cardboard are planted with gigantic figures that often exceed 20 meters in height. The main theme or issue is usually satiric. These monuments compete for several awards.

In-Home Hostels Valencia we have chosen several Fallas events that you cannot miss during your stay at Valencia City during the Fallas festival

Fallas 2012 Mascletas (daylight fireworks)

The pyrotechnic shows “Mascletas” are one of the main elements of this Valencian Festival. Gunpowder and pyrotechnics have always been linked to Valencia festivals.

Mascletás are carried out every day at 2:00 pm from March 1 until 19th March in Plaza del Ayuntamiento (City Hall Square). They are very appreciated by people from Valencia, but it is also a firecracker show not very understood by tourists until they attend one of them. You should be next to the place where pyrotechnical products explode because it is not about seeing, but feeling and hearing.

Fallas 2012 fireworks

During the Fallas festival, from 15 to 19 March, every night there are fireworks that take place at night throughout the old Turia River around 00:00 pm.

The Flowers Offer “Ofrenda”

The Desamparados Virgin is the saint of the city of Valencia and the Valencian Community. The “Ofrenda” Flowers Offer to Virgin is carried out on 17 and 18th March. Every fall offers a bouquet of flowers making a spectacular tapestry of flowers as a mantle that covers the body of the Virgin which is about 14 meters in height.

Saturday, March 17 Flowers Offer “Ofrenda” starts, and fallers go through Calle San Vicente (San Vicente Street) and Calle de la Paz (La Paz Street) until Plaza de la Virgen (Virgin Square) at 3:30 pm. Sunday, March 18 They follow the same way at the same time. From Home Hostels Valencia you can walk to Ofrenda, which is just 15 minutes walk.

Fallas 2012 burning “Crema”

Fallas burn the last day: 19th March honoring Saint Joseph. On this day at 00:00 am nearly 400 Fallas monuments burn-in Valencia streets, the city temperature rises and the aerial view is a city disappearing among huge bonfires

It is a unique experience because it symbolizes the end of Fallas 2012 festival and the beginning of next Fallas.

Hostel for Fallas 2012 in Valencia City

Home Hostels Valencia are located in the Valencia City center, Home Youth Hostel and Home Backpackers hostel are centrally located, just a few steps walking from Mascletas in Plaza del Ayuntamiento (City Hall Square) and where main Fallas monuments are: Valencia old town. On the day of the Flowers Offer “Ofrenda”, you can reach it in a few minutes walking and have a nice view of the Virgin

Home Hostels Valencia are very cheap accommodation centrally located and next to all Fallas events.

Home Youth Hostel, a low-cost hostel, has the best view from its balconies; you can be a witness to Dr. Collado Falla burning in the front row. The view is unbeatable.

Both hostels, Home Backpackers and Youth Hostel are two cheap hostels, placed at the core of Valencia Fallas. If you are coming to Valencia for Fallas or any other festival and looking for cheap accommodation come to Home Hostels Valencia you will feel at home.